March 25
Let the EZ Life Commence
EZ Smoothie is born

Noah and Joseph, the founders of EZ Smoothie, joined forces to make healthy living easy. They used their knowledge about nutrition and creativity to create tasty smoothie mixes that are good for you. Working together, they turned their idea into a reality, making it simple for everyone to enjoy delicious and nutritious smoothies.

October 07
Carefully Curated Grilled Cheese
First Testing

EZ Smoothie took a bold step by testing their delicious smoothies with a timeless favorite, grilled cheese. The experiment aimed to combine healthy sips with comfort food. The outcome was a surprising and satisfying blend of flavors, showing EZ Smoothie's dedication to creating exciting taste experiences.

August 01
What's Life without a little Marketing
First Photo Shoot

EZ Smoothie had its first photo shoot at the UvA Science campus. They snapped colorful smoothie shots against the backdrop of science. This mix of flavors and knowledge highlighted their focus on health and learning. The photos captured EZ Smoothie's vision in a cool way.

August 12
Nuturing Lifelong Partnerships
Makro Partnership

On August 12th, a significant partnership blossomed between Makro and EZ. This dynamic collaboration celebrates their mutual dedication to sustainably sourced and fresh produce. This date marks the start of their journey to provide conscientious consumers with nutritious and convenient options, promising a greener and healthier tomorrow.

September 04
Official Opening
Grand Opening, Endless Possibilities

The long awaited opening of EZ Smoothie was on the 4th of September. The long anticipated introduction at the UvA Science Park left students and professors satisfied.

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